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Gauraiya Live 2024 Review DesireMovies

Gauraiya Live 2024 Review DesireMovies Gauraiya Live (2024): A Family’s Fight for Survival and a Bird’s Freedom

Gauraiya Live (2024) is a heartwarming drama based on a true story. It chronicles a family’s struggle to protect a Gauraiya bird (Indian Robin) while facing societal pressures and political intervention. Here’s a detailed look at this inspiring film:

Gauraiya Live 2024 Review DesireMovies

Gauraiya Live 2024 Review DesireMovies

Character Description
Gauraiya A Gauraiya bird trapped in a precarious situation.
Radha (Seema Saini) A kind-hearted housewife who cares for the injured Gauraiya.
Mohan (Pankaj Jha) Radha’s supportive husband, facing pressure to remove the bird.
Pinky (Ada Singh) Radha and Mohan’s daughter, deeply attached to the Gauraiya.
Politician (Narendra Khatri) A local politician who sees the bird as an opportunity for political gain.


Gauraiya Live (2024) unfolds in a small Indian town. The story begins when a Gauraiya bird gets trapped near a construction site. Radha, a kind-hearted woman, discovers the injured bird and takes it home to care for it. However, their act of compassion leads to unintended consequences. The Gauraiya becomes trapped not just physically but also due to its location – construction work has created a dangerous situation for the bird and the family’s home.

Mohan, Radha’s husband, faces pressure from the community and local authorities to remove the bird. The situation takes a surprising turn when a local politician sees the incident as an opportunity for publicity. He manipulates the situation, exploiting the Gauraiya’s plight for his own political agenda.

As the media descends upon their home, Radha and her family find themselves caught in the middle. The film explores their emotional journey as they fight to protect the Gauraiya while facing financial hardship and societal criticism. Gauraiya Live (2024) highlights the power of compassion, the importance of family, and the challenges faced by ordinary people caught in the crossfire of political agendas.

Small Info Table:

Detail Information
Director Gabriel Vats
Producer Rohit Raj Singh Chouhan, Nishant Jain, Rajeev Jain, Rahul Rangare
Cast Pankaj Jha, Seema Saini, Omkar Das Manikpuri, Ada Singh, Narendra Khatri, Shagufta Ali
Genre Social Drama
Language Hindi
Release Date April 12, 2024 (India)
IMDB Rating 7.8 (Based on positive reviews as of May 7, 2024)

Box Office Performance:

Gauraiya Live (2024) garnered critical acclaim for its heartwarming story and social message. While specific day-by-day figures aren’t publicly available, reports suggest it achieved steady collections throughout its theatrical run. The total production budget and official profit figures haven’t been officially disclosed.

Download Information:

Important Note: Downloading unreleased movies is illegal. It’s best to wait for the film’s official release on authorized streaming platforms or purchase a DVD/Blu-ray copy to enjoy the movie legally and support the filmmakers.

Copyright Owner:

The copyright for “Gauraiya Live (2024)” is likely held by the production companies mentioned above – Rare Films and Tea & Poetry Films.

Official Streaming Provider:

The official streaming platform for “Gauraiya Live (2024)” hasn’t been announced yet. However, considering its positive reception, it’s likely to become available on major Indian streaming services like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, or Amazon Prime Video in the coming months.

A Review Overflowing with Heart and Message:

Gauraiya Live (2024) is a heartwarming film that celebrates the power of compassion and human-animal connection. The film boasts strong performances, particularly Seema Saini, who portrays Radha’s determination with warmth and conviction. The supporting cast adds depth to the narrative, showcasing the family’s struggles and unwavering support for each other.

Beyond the Bird:

Gauraiya Live (2024) goes beyond simply telling the story of a bird. The film serves as a commentary on social responsibility, media sensationalism, and the exploitation of innocent lives for political gain.

A Celebration of Family Values:

The film showcases the strength of family bonds. It highlights how Radha, Mohan, and Pinky stand united in the face of adversity Gauraiya Live 2024 Review DesireMovies

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